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Branching Out

A Strategic Planning Toolkit for Branch Campus Leaders

by Allison M. Fitzpatrick

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"Too often conducted on, by, and for the main campus, strategic planning can be a murky, disorienting, and disillusioning process for the leaders of branch campuses and off-campus centers. Beginning with how to get broad institutional buy-in and continuing through evaluation and close-out, this toolkit offers a clear, practical, and inclusive pathway to success."

-Dr. Dennis Huffman, Branch Campus Leader, Retired

“The toolkit is extremely user-friendly and straightforward.  In addition to it being useful for campus administrators, I would use this in my graduate-level Assessment course to help train the next generation of professionals.”

-Dr. James McCaslin, Branch Campus Leader

Branching Out: A Strategic Planning Toolkit for Branch Campus Leaders presents a research-based, simple, yet effective, strategic planning guide that will help you make your branch campus strategic plan a reality in as little as a year. The guide makes it digestible so even the busiest branch campus leader can take the time to at least explore the process. The methods and tools presented in this guide will help ease some of the burden of traditional planning. No doubt about it, the strategic planning process is a heavy lift, but this book will give you tools to get through the process more efficiently.


“The toolkit is comprehensive to help branch campuses begin the strategic development process and provides great question and steps to think about in an easy to follow format.”

-Dr. Rosa Smith, Branch Campus Leader

“Although I am not a branch campus leader, this toolkit provided me with awareness and resources of what my role can be within the strategic planning and implementation process. This is crucial in letting others know what is expected of them. I believe this will greatly benefit branch campus leaders, especially those who need to establish buy-in. I like the fact that the toolkit is ground up and does not assume broad support already exists.”

-Dr. William Schaffer, Branch Campus Administrator

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